Iceland photo shoot

Just finished an incredibly awe inspiring photo shoot in Iceland, shooting in the glacier region of Jokulsarlon, where the ice is very blue! We were so fortunate to have totally clear wether for the trip, so we were able to capture the the beauty of this region in glorious light!

Part of the pleasure of shooting somewhere like Iceland is the strength of colour in the landscape. It's hard to explain how strong the colours are in that region, especially during the golden hours (sunrise and sunset). For landscapes and product photography, it was a total dream as we were treated to an incredible feast of colour.

Part of the trip involved photographing for a whisky brand, with their product truly 'on the rocks' in crystal clear, or sometimes blue ice - lots of fun! I've put a few of the landscape photos below, as well as a pic of me at work in that fantastic region - enjoy! 

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