Using film in your camera - film? really?

When I first began to fall in love with photography I was 12 years old. My parents bought me an SLR camera and a flash, and my Dad taught me to how to use it all. He showed me the basics and how to meter the exposure for flash - and I loved every part of it. It felt like someone had opened my eyes to another world as I peered through the viewfinder - little did I know that years later this would be my profession.

These days I shoot with professional DSLR cameras, with a variety of lenses, lights and accessories to help me get the shots I need for clients, but for myself and my family photos I still use an old film camera. There's something so rich and deep about the colours that are produced through film, and I'm yet to find anything that comes close with digital cameras - even with filters.

I love that I can't see the photo when I take it - my kids still don't understand why it doesn't appear straight away - and then in 10 days when the lab sends me the images it's so exciting to see them for the first time.

If I've photographed one of your weddings the year then you'd have seen me with an extra camera during the portrait sessions, as I love to use film for these moments - there's nothing like it.

Capturing moments with an old film camera helps me to work in a more thoughtful way, as 36 shots can happen very quickly and so it's important to choose the shot very carefully. This makes the whole process so rewarding, especially when the results are so beautiful!